Equine Assisted Recovery for Veterans

“The Ranch gives me freedom. It is pure innocence and I share sacred ground with a person who sponsored me, not knowing my background. The horses love me and I love them.”

Joe, Vietnam Veteran

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs estimates PTSD affects as many as one-quarter of the troops returning from the Middle East. The growing field of Equine Assisted Recovery is showing great promise.

Back to Basics Equine Assisted Recovery is here to serve the needs of Vets who are struggling with the symptoms of PTSD. The men and women we work with experience dramatically reduced stress.

The great thing about working with horses is that they will not lie. Their every reaction is a direct result of our action. Which helps us to look at ourselves and the impact of our actions on things around us. With practice, we develop a harmonious relationship between the human and the horse.

Interaction with an enormously large animal that holds no judgement creates both a sense of security anVeterans become one with the horse and the horse becomes the therapist. The horse reads them and in those moments of present time there is healing and comfort.