What exactly is Back to Basics?

Back to Basics is an an established nonprofit

Back to Basics Equine Assisted Recovery is a nonprofit (EIN # 81-1013423) that focuses on the therapeutic properties of horses for those healing from various traumatic experiences as well as from personal struggles.

Much like interactions with therapy or service dogs, equine therapy has been proven to be extremely beneficial for stress reduction and relaxation.

This property of equine therapy is immediately evident when observing children interact with the equine therapy horses at Back to Basics.

It is almost as if you were observing a miracle at work: children who are experiencing great turmoil find a sort of solace in the presence of the horses and in the safe and welcoming ranch environment.

Recent research from Washington State University reveals how youth who work with horses experience a substantial reduction in stress – and the evidence lies in kids’ saliva.


Who does Back to Basics work with?

Back to Basics Equine Assisted Recovery works with anybody in need of a therapeutic release. Our clients include men, women, and children who have endured traumatic experiences or are struggling with personal battles. This includes, but is not limited to, child victims of sex-trafficking, child victims of domestic violence, children with autism, children with developmental issues, children of alcoholic parents or of parents struggling with substance abuse, children of veterans, as well as children dealing with mental-health struggles or behavioral problems.

In addition to working with children and young adults, Back to Basics Equine Assisted Recovery also works with men and women victims of sex trafficking, men and women victims of domestic violence, men and women struggling with addiction or addiction recovery, as well as veterans struggling with PTSD. Back to Basics welcomes and helps many veterans who battle with prolonged PTSD from traumatic experiences in service.

Interacting with such a large animal that holds no judgement creates both a sense of security and connection, allowing clients to turn their focus away from their problems during the interaction and find a sense of peace in their everyday lives. 


Back to Basics is an established nonprofit: EIN # 81-1013423


Brenda Brown – Founder & Chair

Greg Ortiz – Director

Lesley Torgenson –  Advisory


Farrier – Mickey Rice

Equine Specialist – Bethany Sassar

Assistant Director for Sober Living  – Cheyenne Nelson