Through the spirit of the horse…

Back to Basics Equine Assisted Recovery is a nonprofit that focuses on enhancing the recovery process with the therapeutic properties of horses for those healing from various traumatic experiences as well as from personal struggles.

What is Equine Assisted recovery?

Equine therapy is treatment involving horses, and has become a very popular form of treatment since its inception due to its benefits. People suffering from a variety of ailments take part in this therapy to find some kind of mental relief, resolve building, spiritual empowerment, and self-healing. 

Equine Assisted therapy focuses on sessions in which the client cares for, feeds, and grooms the horses. The horses at Back to Basics are all rescue horses who have all endured their own traumas. Learn more about each horse at Back to Basics here (link). A horse is an intelligent animal and any kind of relationship with it requires trust: Someone cannot abuse a horse and expect it to just take it. This expectation from the horse creates a responsibility for the suffering individual. 

The healing power of the horse instills courage, faith, self-esteem, and most of all love to rebuild our lives.

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